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I use itunes to purchase songs. How do I transfer them to the Sansa player? I have Windows Media Palyer 11. I can drag files from itunes to WMP, but WMP will not let me sync those files to the Sansa. How do I do this?

Ah, iTunes.  Are the tracks protected media, or M4p files?  The Fuze+ does play AAC format files as long as they are unprotected (no DRM) format.  Good thing Apple has seen the light and offers DRM-free purchase option now.  It’s the individual honest customer that gets the most headache.

You should be able to transfer these files though.  Are you getting an error message from Windows Media Player?  Most importantly, which mode are you using to make the connection, MTP or MSC?

In WiMP, try playing one of the tracks on the computer, to see if it will play normally.

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It seems the files I am downloading from itunes are M4a?? The files play normally in itunes,but will not play at all in WMP. Not sure about the mode thing…how do I change and what should it be?

The player, if never changed manually, will automatically select MTP mode if your operating system supports it.  MTP allows the computer to control the Sansa as a media device rather than just an external storage device.

Windows Media Player will work with the player in either mode you choose, incidentally, but MTP allows quite a few cool things to happen automatically, like album art, playists, etc,

To see the current mode, click on My Computer and look at the connected devices.  If you’re in MTP mode, the player will list at the bottom under “other” (in Windows XP for example).  In Windows 7, there’s a Device Stage Icon that will appear in your taskbar, with a little Fuze logo as well, when in MTP.  If it lists with your memory devices under “devices with internal storage” or something similar, and the Sansa hasa drive letter like E: assigned to it, you’re in MSC mode.

What does WiMP do when you click on the Sync tab?  Do you see the Fuze listed in the upper right corner?  You should be able to drag your desired tracks to the sync list on the right, then transfer them to the Fuze manually.  Let me know if you get any error messages.

In the Fuze+ User Guide, available in pdf format, page 25 and on describe the process with cool pictures.  In particular, I must mention, the dreaded set up sync screen is shown.  In this list, you click on iitems on the right, one at a time, then remove them, like “all songs”, a deadly choice, that attempts to send everything but the kitchen sink over to the player. If the automatic option pops up, remember that you can simply select “cancel”, then do everything manually if you wish.

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Yes, I see the Fuze listed in the upper right hand corner. I can drag files over to the playlist…but when I hit “Sync” at the bottom, the error says “Windows Media Player cannot convert the file to the format required by the device.”

In WiMP, right click on a track and select Properties.  At the end of the file listing, the format will be shown, as mp3, wma, m4a…

The problem may be with Windows Media Player, being confused with the formats possible for the Fuze+.  With a right click on one of the tracks, we can use a trick.  Select Open File Location.

This will open a windows explorer window with the folder containing your tracks.  On the left side of the window (in Windows XP you will need to click on the Folders tab at the top first), you will see the Fuze+.  Try manually dragging and dropping the m4a tracks to your Fuze+.  They should then transfer.

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the Fuze+ actually can play songs in the .m4a container as it is just a aac file. open your itunes music folder (usually in my music > itunes on most windows PCS) and drag and drop the songs to the fuze+. 

The Fuze is not listed when I open the Folders…

Locate your music library on your PC.   This is what drlucky is referring to.  In Windows Media Player, if you right click on a track there’s an Open File Location option as I mentioned- this is the simplest way to open a Windows Explorer window that’s already at the correct location.

From here, you can plug in your Fuze+, then drag and drop these files directly to your device. If you are using Windows 7, the folder tree will be on the left side of the window.  In Windows XP, click on the Folders tab to open the folder tree.

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Yes, I am following these steps, but again, the Fuze is not listed anywhere to drag files directly to. 

The only place I see the Fuze listed is in Windows Media Player…in the right hand pane, where you can drag files to and sync. Problem is when files are dragged there it doesn’t sync and error message appears next to each file I try to drag and sync.

the fuze will not be displayed in itunes. it will be listed under My Computer. you will open it from there. if you are ion a MAC it will mount to the desktop 

After upgrade has ceased to work, constantly reboots :frowning: help

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After upgrade has ceased to work, constantly reboots :frowning: help

What? Your iTunes or your Sansa+?

You should really start a new mesage/thread, as your question is ‘off-topic’ for this one.