How do I record from FM tuner????


I got a 4gb clip last week and from reading posts here it can record from the fm tuner, but there is no mention of this in the manual or instructions I can find on line…Anyone Help???

Thanks Ted

it’s easy

go to the radio station you want to record

press the sub-menu button (down button)

select recording then start recording

Few years later…still nothing about this feature in the user manual and salespeople are not aware about it.

Is there a legal reason to be silent about it?

Historically, the Clip manuals never have been all-encompassing …  Maybe SanDisk should outsource the manuals to the users. 

But for some a major feature: finally a successor of cassettetape, recording music (digitally) without a PC at hand

I guess the music industry was always against such a possibility, so what happened, did they give up ?