Download Recording

I attend meetings where lectures are given. These are aired on an, in-house, FM radio frequency. This is not commercial radio. I want to record many of these lectures and the Clip makes this possible. I have looked through the user manual and don’t find or don’t recognize the instructions to download these lectures into the computer. The manual doesn’t even say anything about recording from the radio. Again I say there is no commercial intent with this and no copywrites will be afected. Where do I look?

Thank you

Once you’ve made the recordings, you connect your Clip to your computer and then simply can drag and drop, or copy and paste, them from where they are on your Clip to your computer.  Just like moving files on your computer itself. 

Thank you. It worked. Much easier than I expected.

Cool!  And the reason why it’s so nice to use a player that doesn’t require any special computer software to use.