FM Recording

Hey all, I’ve been reading these forums and have learned a lot. Now I have a question. If I record some songs from the radio on my clip,will the songs play when the player is in random or does it create a different “folder” just for the stuff recorded through the tune?

the recordings are saved in a different folder, but if you want to integrate those recordings in the music folder, you can copy the recorded files from the “record” folder and paste it to the music folder. 

Thanks for the info. I have one more question. If I leave the clip on to record from the radio for a while, can I go back and edit the recordings? In other words, can I delete the commercials, dj, and/or songs I don’t want? I hope I explained it well.

not on the player, but there’s software out there that will allow you to edit wav files.  audacity is one, you can just google for other ones…