can the 4gb clip record from radio? If so how?

I have read from several people on the internet that the clip can record the radio but I havent been able to confind concrete evidence about it. I also read through the manual and nowhere did it say it does. I really hope it does because this was a big part of why I bought this product. If it does record the radio, how do I go about doing so? Can anyone help me please?

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You’re right that it isn’t mentioned in the manual, but that’s just an oversight, I guess. 

If your Clip version has radio, you can record it. There’s an option in the radio menu to record, play and delete recordings. Just hit the down (Menu) button 4 times when the radio is playing and you’ll find it.

This solution doesn’t work for my clip.  When I have the radio playing and I click down 4 times to get ‘recording’, as soon as I press select, the radio switches off.  Please help. 

If you are playing an FM station, click on the bottom (submenu) button.  Scroll down past Add Preset / Auto Presets / View All Presets / select Recording > Record Now.

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Thanks, that’s wonderful.  Didn’t seem to work when I did it before.