How do I re-install SanDisk flash drive's default icon?

I have a SanDisk Cruzer Edge (8GB) flash drive, recently it got infected by a virus and all my files inside that drive have been encrypted or corrupted. I formatted the flash drive to remove the corrupted files, but formatting the flash drive erased its default icon as well. How re-nstall or get the icon back? This is the icon I’m talking about: 

  sandisk cruzer edge 8GB

check this out:

this is not working for me, I have the same problem

When you delete the files / format the drive / you loose the icon.  Moral of the story, don’t format the drive.  Especially with out backing up the files.

See if these links help:

click on the link in following link, unzip the file to the flash drive. This will restore the pre-installed files and also the autorun file. This way you should get the icon back

Basically just get an icon from an icon source, like

And in your file (create if it is not already there), add the following tag

icon=<filename of the downloaded icon>.ico

I  have remove the write flish