Lost icon

Hi folks,

I have a 30GB Glide which recently became infected with a virus. All the files were hidden in a secret drive created by the virus. I was able to see the files After enabling “view protected operating system files”. The virus changed the desktop.ini file so it pointed to a different drive icon. After cleaning and replacing my files in the root the drive icon did not return. I attempted to edit the desktop.ini file but I do not know where the icon is located. I suspect the virus actually destroyed it. Can anyone help? 


the icon is actually part of the included application club sandisk. first you will need to download club sandisk from the following link. once you have it downloaded unzip it and copy the runclubsandisk.exe and the autorun.inf to the drive and the next time you plug the drive in the icon should be back.

Yes it is, The application is there but the desktop.ini file was not pointing to it. I found the solution: - create or edit the desktop.ini as follows:


The icon showed up after I restarted the PC and plugged in the drive.

what link?

Thanks. But I’m just wondering, what might have caused that to change? I mean, it was working well before.