How do I make bookmarks and playlists

When I download books on cd, they download onto my computer as parts and sometimes the parts are 2-3 hours or more.  If I want to rewind to hear something I miss or rewind a bit when to turn the player off it goes all the way to the end.  Can I rewind just a little, and how.  Also I think if I make playlists it only rewinds a little bit.  Can someone tell me specifically how to do this.   I can’t find any specific directions anywhere.  I appreciate any help


There’s a difference between a quick press of the << and >> buttons and holding the buttons down.  Try holding the << button down and see if that gets you what you need.

Thank you so much. I must have misread the directions. I was holding it down quick to go back a little at a time instead of holding it until I thought I was where I wanted to be. 

Sorry it took so long to answer, I lost my password book for three weeks and couldn’t get on my sites.