Can I Search with a Clip


I would like to buy a Clip, but want to make sure that it can search/seek to the middle part of a file/song.  I want to use the Clip to play audio books and so I will need to be able to fast forward to the part in the story where I left off listening.

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Actually the Clip supports bookmarking which is that the clip will remember for you where you left off.

Sansa Guru,

Nice that it will bookmark, but can I still move backwards and forwards in the file?

Thanks for your help.


Check out this Thread. Pay attention to Pages 1&2. YOu can choose to start at the beginning or resume and then you should be able to scroll thru using the arrows (Dont Quote me on that for Audiobooks, It works on my Dads Podcasts on his clip). Also search the Clip forum for bookmarking, there is tons of info out there for you.

Sansa Guru,

Thanks again for your help.  Very handy thread you posted.



I was trying to let my wife borrow my Sansa View to play some spanish lessons on. I gave up and bought her a 8Gb view for £40 from Currys and she loves it.

I’ve put files into the audiobook folder and they show up in the audiobook menu. When you play them they will ask you if you want to re-start where you were, or from the beginning. If you need to FFWD or rewind, just hold down the previous or next keys. The scan speed gets faster the longer you hold it down, so you can quite happily work with realy long files. I just tried out a 90 minute file - got to the middle in just under 10 seconds !!! (try that on the view).

Also the audiobook menu allows you to play slower or faster that actually recorded at. Cool feature.