A couple Clip questions

I am considering buying a Clip, I plan on using it almost exclusively for podcasts, so I am wondering if the Clip will save the spot that I am at in a podcast when I turn it off and does the Clip have a way of fast forwarding at a pretty fast speed, I have another mp3 player and the fast forward is painfully slow?

Yes indeed!   The Clip is excellent for podcasts.  The latest release of the firmware supports podcast and audiobook bookmarking.  And the scan speed is crazy fast too.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

Thank you for the reply, I will be buying a Clip this weekend.

you mentioned bookmarking . . .

the problem i’m having is that i primarily use my mp3 player to listen to books. but sometimes i want to take a break from the book & listen to a podcast or some music. when i go back to the book it does not remember where i was so i have to fast-forward to try to find my place.


can this be addressed w/bookmarking? if so, how!?

If your audio books are in the “Audiobook” folder/directory, they will automatically get bookmarked everytime you visit them.  This is a new feature in the latest firmware…and it is very nice.

One note is that some folks, including myself, have noted that many audiobooks are broken down into numerous individual files  (MP3, at least, in my case), and that although the file you were last in gets bookmarked, it is still sometimes a challenge to recall exactly which of those individual files you were in last…in other words, which section of the overall book.

If you have this issue, you can use a merger program to make one huge single file for the book (or just a few larger ones, if you prefer).  This will allow the bookmark to stay marked in the entire book, as a whole.  Hope that makes sense.

At any rate, try the new firmware, it is great…especially in regards to audiobooks/podcasts. 

hmmmm. thank you for the info. unfortunately it hasn’t worked that way for me so far. maybe i need to reinstall the upgrade or something.

Let’s check your Clip for the installed firmware version.

Click Settings > Info.  The firmware needs to read V01.01.29. 

If it’s an earlier number, you’ll need to update the firmware.

If the Clip reads an earlier version, you can either install the firmware manually, or install the Sansa Firmware Updater program, and it will install the new firmware automatically (as long as you check on the correct box when the Updater pops up).

With the new firmware, audiobooks dragged into the Audiobook folder will now have the cool bookmark feature!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

got it working.

thank you!!!