listening to audiobooks

Is there any way to rewind an audiobook without going all the way to the beginning, or to fast forward without going all the way to the next part or chapter? This is driving me nuts -there has to be a better way than having to listen to the whole thing again to get back to where I was in the story.

If you press the FF or REW button just once, it will go back to the previous or jump forward to the next track. If you press and HOLD it, it will fast-forward or rewind in the same “track” as you want it to.

thank you–I will try that next time it accidently gets out of place. I hope it works–it is so annoying to have to listen to the same part over and over, to get back to where I was.

Make sure the current track is playing, then press & hold forward or rewind.  If I’m NOT playing the track, press & hold skips through the tracks (very quickly!).