How do I download audiobooks to SDHC card?

This is the first MP3 I have ever owned. I bought it to be able to download audiobooks. How do I get the audiobooks to load to the SDHC card, rather than into the “Music” folder?

Where are you planning to get your audiobooks? If they are DRm free, you can simply drag and drop them to external storage.

It depends upon the audiobook source if the media is protected, but as long as you are transferring to the microSD card, while it is mounted in the player, you should have no problems.  In MTP mode, simply navigate to External Memory.

I use Audible for audiobooks.  The Audible Manager is very easy to use, simply click on the microSD, or Internal memory, and transfer away.  I like using the microSD for books, as the internal memory invariably gets filled up with music.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I have looked at Audible, and will probably get most from there. I have to use a public library computer for downloads, and they have downloadable books as well. What formats do I need to look for (I hadn’t realized there were more than one until I started looking at this).

How do I get to external storage? I can’t find it in the User Manual (though I haven’t read all 35 pages word-for-word yet). As my name says, I’m new to all the modern gadgets (I still own and play cassette tapes). Easy to follow instructions and/or weblinks to instructions would be wonderful. Thanks for you help.

It supports Format 4 and Enhanced format. You may click here to see instructions on how to transfer books to the internal mem or to the external mem.

Thanks, I’ll give this a try.