How can i tell if my Sandisk 64gb Extreme Pro SDXC Card 95mb/s is real/fake?

Hi, I have just bought a Sandisk 64gb Extreme Pro SDXC Card 95mb/s card from ebay, on Amazon they are currently £75 and i paid £43.

I got it from this link:

Of cause it says its genuine and that they are a authorised sandisk reseller, but when i get it how will i know its actually a real one?

They are listed as accepting returns etc so if it turns out to be fake i’d like to know how i can look at the card to know its a fake to get my money back.

Of cause it may be real, which would be great

Any help would be great



:smiley: Hi James,

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[ Rebate: £75 - £43 = £32 => - 42.66 % ]

Friend, I see three possibilities: is fake, is generic, or is genuine RP.

1-   Fake: You’ll know when using the card, immediately, because it did not fulfill what he promised.

      So it’s a very high price.

2-  Generic: Unbranded (fake labels), you’ll know when using the card, but after long time, because not fulfill exactly what he promised.

      So it’s  a good price.

3-   Genuine RP: Refurbished Products bought in US and resold in UK.  You’ll know when using the card, because delivers what it promises.

      So it’s a very, very good price…

See: _ SanDisk Certified Refurbished Products _

SanDisk Certified Refurbished Products (can only ship to U.S. addresses.)

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SanDisk Certified Refurbished Products are products that have been returned to SanDisk for any number of reasons.

They may or may not have actually been used.

All products sold as “refurbished” have been inspected to ensure that they meet strict SanDisk factory standards.

Limited quantities are available so order now. Limited to 5 units per order.  The regular price shown is an “If New” price.


SanDisk Extreme® SDXC™ UHS-I Card  64GB (refurb), Price: $199.99, Sale Price: $40.56

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SanDisk Extreme Pro® SDXC™ 95MB/s UHS-I Card  64GB (refurb), Price: $338.99, Sale Price: $79.99

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