How can I add songs using a different PC? (old PC broken)

My Sansa Clip is synced to a dead laptop. I would like to add some songs via an office PC I can use, but I can’t risk deleting the old songs when I sync (the player has 3000 songs on). I want to avoid having to reload the whole player from backup as it would mean loading all the MP3s onto the spare computer then putting them all on the player (this would take hours when I only want to add 10-12 new songs). Is there a way to do this?

Couldn’t you simply attach the player to the office computer and then open a Windows Explorer window (NOT a sync software such as Windows Media Player) for the player, and then simply copy and paste files into that window?  In other words, avoid  syncing entirely.

You’ve discoverd the main reason and thinking behind the phrase “Sync stinks”. :wink:

Would adding the songs through Windows Explorer still work regardless of whether the player is in MSC or MTP mode? I did connect the player to the PC to test it, but Windows wanted to format the player first (I disconnected it instead and the player is still working).

When I used to sync using Windows Media Player the MP3s went through a ‘Converting’ stage first (and sometimes wouldn’t transfer so I had to convert them to .wma for some reason).

Formatting isn’t even possible in MTP mode.  Are you sure its in MTP mode?  That sounds like MSC.

Adding via Explorer works in both MSC and MTP modes.  Not sure why a format operation was called up . . . .  Are you able to just click no and go forward?