Hidden songs

When attached to my computer, my e250 doesn’t show that it has any music on it.  How can I delete songs that are there but not showing?

have you tried switching USB modes? (Settings > USB mode)

When I do that the music folder dissappears

Music folder is hidden under Explorer. Try to enable “Hidden Files and Folders” Click here for instructions

tried that and I still don’t see them

I’m having the same problem, tried unhiding files, tried reformatting (both sansa and windows format utilities), unhiding sysytem files…  nothing works. I can only view the files on the Sansa (e200) but nowhere else. Not from My Computer, not in Windows Media Player (windows 7) either. I’ve got about 2 dozen songs that came with the MicroSD card that I neither want nor apparently am able to delete. I want to get rid of these files; this is very frustrating. Doesn’t anyone have a solution? Obviously someone was able to put the files (songs) on the card, there must be a way to remove them, no???

If you formatted correctly, the files would be eliminated.

Unless it’s a SlotMusic or SlotRadio memory card.