HerlpNew Sansa Fuze hard resets when turned upside down

I am posting this because maybe someone has had the same problem and I am overlooking an obvious solution.

I bought my new fuze two days ago.  I have noticed that when I put it on hold, cover it with the sleeve, then put it in my pocket upside down it does a hard reset.  It does it when not on hold as well.  It does not do it when it is right side up.

It is not on a sleep mode, nor power save,

I updated the firmware and still have this problem.

I know the reset is hard because I have to reset the date and time.

Any help I could get with this would be spectacular, as I am really poo pooed because I was so looking forward to this purchase. 


Sounds like a hardware problem. Have you done anything that you think would have messed it up like dropping it or spilling something in it? If not, you should take it back to where you bought it and get another one, or get it RMA’d by SanDisk.

I think it is hardware lemon too because I have not done anything to it, and the software upgrade did nothing.  Just wanted to be sure of it.  I will take your advice and bring it back.  Thanks!

Yeah. If you haven’t done anything, you should take it back because I have never heard of this problem before. You’re welcome!