Ok i have the 8gb sansa fuze black model. it has worked fine for around 5 months then just stopped working gradually over the last week or so. doing things like turning off randomly, not turning back when i want it to and not charging. although it does come up when connected to the computer (or usb charger), i cant do anything with it such as put on or take off music, it just registers that it is connected. ““help””

Given that you’ve said these problems have been a gradual deterioration, and not a sudden “it worked yesterday, but not today” kind of thing, I say you’ve probably got issues more severe than what anyone here can help you with. I’d suggest calling SanDisk Tech Support. If you’re in the US, you can also do a ‘live chat’ on-line with them. If they can’t figure out the problem then they can issue an RMA# to return it and get you new one.