i have a Sandisk Sansa Fuze.

and every now and again it will freeze.

but now it is telling me that “Synchronize to continue your music subscription”

i do notuse and i-tunes or rhapcity. nothing i use charter music and cd’s.

 can you please help me because i am about to take it back and never get a sandisk sansa or nothing again!!@!!

You must have a file on there that has DRM (digital rights management) information telling the Fuze that it can’t play the file without a license.

Oh, I see. It’s from Charter Music. That’s a DRM service like Rhapsody. 

Charter FAQ

You probably need to transfer Charter files via Windows Media Player in MTP mode. You can’t just drag-and-drop them over because they won’t work. If you have sent them over in any other way, delete them and go through Windows Media Player or through Charter’s player if you have one. 

Charter is your problem, not the Fuze.