i just bought an SanDisk mp3 player and a friend said i could pay a monthly fee to rhapsody and download as much music as i wanted for the monthly fee. But when i signed up and pulled up an artist, each song was a $1.29. What are the other options out there? Is the older music free. I am trying to catch up with technology. Please need some advice

There are several Rhapsody plans.

The “basic” subscription for 9.99 a month allows you do have unlimited access to their library for streaming through your computer.

The “To-Go” subscription for 5.00 more a month (14.99) allows you not only unlimited streaming through your cmputer, but allows you to download tracks to your player.  These tracks will play and operate on your player as if you had actually purchased them with one HUGE difference. 

The tracks expire after 30 days.  To keep your ability to play the tracks you need to connect your player to Rhapsody at least once a month to renew the licenses on the tracks. 

If you buy a track or album, it is yours to keep forever.  If you download a subscription track you must continue to renew it’s license.  Since you are esentially “renting” the track, then it is possible that the artist or label can decide at anytime to make that song no longer available, or available only for purchase.  You may see several albums that have one or more songs that can’t be downloaded unless you purchase it.

Rhapsody is perfect for my family.

1.  My kids musical tastes change by the day.  As a result, they can download and listen to their latest favorites as much as they like all for $14.99/mon.  I can connect up to three devices to a single account, so both my kids and I have the ability to download a HUGE variety of music for a flat rate.

2.  I like to listen to new music but don’t like to buy music unless I am sure I want to keep it.  Rhapsody allows me to download and test drive music prior to purchase.  If I really like it, I buy it.  If I don’t, then I simply delete it when I am done and I don’t feel like I lost anything.

3.  Rhapsody allows me to explore different types and genres of music.  I have found many new artists and styles of music that I never would have discovered without Rhapsody. 

4.  Rhapsody Channels allows me to download a constant mix of music to my player.  This allows me to pick a channel that fits my musical tastes and it downloads approx 3 to 5 hours of music to the player.  Next time I connect to Rhapsody, it erases music that I already listened to and replaces it with other music assigned to the channel. 

The player does not connect to the website, but rather a Rhapsody program that you download to your computer.  You use this program to browse their music collection, check out their channels, explore other peoples playlists and transfer music to your player.

For the cost of about 1 CD a month, I get nearly unlimited access to over 12 million tracks.  It’s a great alternative to buying everything I want to listen to.  If I do find an album or song I “can’t live without” then I can purchase it so it’s mine forever.

I am a HUGE fan.