help. unknown artist/album even though tags are fine and ._ before filename

Hi. I lost my iPod so got one of these because they are cheap…what a headache.

MSC (USB) mode dragging files from Finder in OS X.

My files weren’t playing in order. I mean c’mon. The tags are in order, but it what it sorts by filename? Even that seems correct, so I dont know how it manages to screw it up. Made my audiobooks impossible to listen to. I went through all the troube of joining and retagging my audiobooks perfect. Now after a format, with just those audiobook mp3’s when it rebuilds library, the files are there tagged correct, play in order with my impossible to screw up logical tagging system of “title-1” “title-2” “title-3” etc. BUT there are “duplicate” Unknown artist/albums with filenames beginning with . _

Very disappointed with this hardware, makes me really miss my lost iPod even more (which would play all those files in order no matter what, no fuss).

as soon as those new iPods come out I’ll be giving this thing away.

PS What is up with your stupid names MSC and whatever else. Major pain in the ass, not of it is straight forward.

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I cant say for sure what it is that was done with the id3 tag naming that is making it display like, are you able to play those files and check the tagging that is on them?

Those stupid names are a standerd in the computer world, MSC stands for mass storage class. It applies for other devices like flash drives and memory cards. Its not something SanDisk decided would be fun to do just to give people a hard time.


I just got a Mac OSX Laptop (Intel - 10.4.9) and i get those (  ._   ) files as well.  They are not a real duplicate, as they are only 5k or so in file size.  I think they are created when you are listening to the song in itunes (Or whatever your using - In my case its anime) and then shut down the computer without stopping the program that is using it … I dont know for sure if that is right, but you are correct - it is annoying.  Does not happen on Windows machines tho!

Wish I could give you a better answer - but i am still learning :frowning:

YOu have peaked my interest and i look it up and see what i find out and report back!

Looks like its a known issue and NOT with the device.

thats some good info to bear in mind. Im sure hes not the first mac user to run into that.

Thank you very much Bleach_FAN. I got so frustrated I just ignored it for a few days. Not a BIG deal, but still shouldn’t be happening. And they havent always been there, and still do not seem to be there for all files.


The solutions that apple provides, does not seem to be the same as the ._ files.  I still have not figured out what causes them to appear… .and yes, they are VERY annoying.

I thought perhaps they were hidden files, included in the folder when dragged over. So I tried formatting, and then selecting just single files or groups of mp3’s…but the _ . “filenames duplicated” extra files still appear under Unknown Artist/Album.

Oh well new iPods come out next week, what I’ve been holding for…anybody want a good deal on a Sansa M240? Winnipeg Canada.