I`ve read the threads on this and am still stumped…why are some of my songs being put in an “unknown” folder?

Ive been all over the posts and my tags and dont see what I`m missing here…any suggestions???

Here`s an example of the tags…
file name-How Could I
album title-February Son
title-How Could I
album artist-Oleander

Shows up in player just fine-artist-song and album…yet I have five tracks from them in my player where are the other four???

The other four Oleander tracks show up in the Oleander folder when I browse the player through my computer yet  show up as “unknown” on my player.

The 5 tags are identical…Ive been over them and over them and dont see any discrepancies.
They arent the only ones either........theres a ton of tracks listed as unknown…wth???

I`m looking for any common ANYTHING among the unknown files but I must be missing something.

The only thing I see for sure is they are all listed as “whatever.mp3” as the title for some reason and all the songs that are organized properly are titled correctly by tag title “whatever”…no mp3 on the end.


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Try programs Like WMP or Media monkey to manage your music, this should properly tag all the music. Also make sure you have the latest firmware… Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yeah, thanks I figured it out.

I thought I had the whole MP3 tag thing down but it seems I had a bunch of tags in the id3v1 format and the e200 reads id3v2…
2129 songs later-problem solved.