HELP troubleshooting

Hey i have a Sansa e260 i tried to connect it to my computer and i went to the upload screen (where my datatbase is adding music… understandable because i just put music on the night before) BUT then as it was doing that my screen went black so i had to restart it and i tried it again 4 more times and it still did the same thing. Then i tried to put it into another computer, same thing happened and it also does not read on my computer or the other one because it is uploading the files.

It also tells me my batter is too low so i cant even start it up to see if it can upload in that way, so i have no clue what i can do because i have tried everything i know in power i can do.

Any suggestion?

You should ask your question at the Sansa e200 Series board.  This is the Sansa Connect board (the Sansa Connect is a different MP3 player than the Sansa e260).

But it just sounds like your e260 needs to be charged.  Either leave it connected to USB for a few hours, or connect it to a wall charger.

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