Help regarding sound


I need one help regarding sound volume in sansa clip.

When i bought Sansa Clip the sound was very high.I used to get headache hearing over the clip.

Then after going through the forums i found a firmware update.I updated the firmware but did not take note of the firmware version.

Thank God the clip sounded fine…I loved my sansa clip

Later i found the sansa updater.It updated my firware to .24.Now the same old problem had crept up.I decided to move to the older version but dont know which firmware it is.

Can anyone help me which firmware plays songs in a lower volume.Kindly help 

Thank You 

Try the latest firmware, .29. I don’t remember wether in this one or in the previous the volume scale was expanded to the lowest end.

Also go to Settings --> Volume and set it to normal. Probably you will have to turn the unit off and on to notice the difference.

Finally, what earphones are you using? With the included ones, and after all I told before, the lowest volume is really quite low. You may be using some very sensitive earphones but that is kind of unlikely.

Good luck


I am using Altec Lansing  CHP 121 earphones.Unbeatable Sound.Crisp Clear and Warm.Great Companion for the Sansa clip.

I cannot imagine any other earphones other than Altec Lansing.It Rocks