HELP!!! Fuze gets HOT when connected to pc...


I recently bought a black Sansa Fuse 4g version and I have a little nasty problem- it gets hot when connected to pc or USB power adapter.

I know that some mp3 players or other devices may get warm while recharging, but I dont realy think that temperature above 50c is normal (since its even warmer tham my GPU…). Ive noticed a post on where one guy had a very same problem so I just want to ask some questions he did: are there “Anyone else having this issue as well? Should I be worried about it?”

BTW. my sister uses same pc (even the same USB port :stuck_out_tongue: ) to charge her Creative Zen Stone and it doesnt seem to get warmer. Oh, and the USB power adapter I have has the following output spec: 5.0v +/- 0.1v and from 150mA to 1000mA

Thank you in advance… and sorry for my bad English (if its bad :wink: )

It is not normal ,  please contact tech support for a replacement or return it.

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