Help for recovering photos from SD card 32Gb


I bought a 32Gb Ultra SD card for my camera last week during my holidays, formatted it with my camera before using it and took hundreds of photos. 3 days later, while taking a photo, the error “Impossible to create file” and “SD error” were displayed. I cannot access to my photos anymore or take new.

I put the card in a SD reader, the drive appears but impossible to reach it.

I tried Rescue Pro and Photorec, but no photos found.

It is also impossible to format the card with Windows.

On Linux, all files are written with strange characters, most of them are 0 bytes and non readable.

I’m afraid of formatting the SD card with my camera because I don’t want to lose the photos.

All photos are taken in Canon raw format (.CR2).

What can I do to recover my photos? Do I format the card with my camera and retry Rescue Pro?

Thanks a lot.

I read in other messages to use SD association’s formatter tool:

What does it do exactly? Does it help with recovering photos after formatting?

Make sure you don’t write any new data onto the SD card and use a SD card recovery tool to recover the photos from it. Here’s how you recover RAW photos from SD card - recover raw cr2 files