2gb SD Transcend card formatted, tried recovery programs

Hi all,

I had around 2000 photos on my SD card, some of which I hadn’t backed up. Yesterday, when I inserted the card into my laptop, it said that it could not read the card and asked me if I wanted to format the files. I stupidly clicked ‘yes’. All my photos have now gone. I’ve tried Rescue Pro, Wondershare, Recuva - everything! They only manage to recover 2 photos. Can someone please tell me what I can do!?! Is it a lost cause?

you should probably post this on a transend forum. 

Hi Faria, I am really concerned listening about it that you have deleted your photos accidentally.
Why do you not give a try to Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. Three months back, I had deleted my fianceee pictures from Sd card. I used this software and recovered all the lost photos back! Got from here: http://www.stellarphotorecoverysoftware.com/

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Hi, Faria. Welcome to the community.

In your case this photo recovery software may be worth a try, a program specially designed to recover deleted photos. Seems the personal version is free. You can recover your files as long as they are not overwriten.

Remember - DO NOT write any new data back to the SD card in case you may quite possibly ruin the chances of photo recovery. Best regards.

I would suggest you to give a try to “RecoveryFix for Windows” This is an amazing tool which saved my life once when i accidentally formatted the memory card of my friend. Then i downloaded the trial version to recover photos . The trial version shows preview of all photos which were around 150 in number, Once satisfied with the preview i purchased the software and recovered all photos. Here is the link to their site http://www.photo-recovery.net/

Once you formatted 2gb SD Transcend card, you can go for an updated backup but in case  of unavailability  of backup, the only option you can go for is free photo recovery software that can recover as well as restore all your photos lost after formatting easily in minimal amount of time period.


Try this data recovery software and its free


The level of recovery may not be 100% but for sure you will recover some of your pictures, make backup a habbit, for todays gadget are not 100% reliable, they may crash anytime.

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Hi Faria,

Even after your accidental formatting the SD card you can easily recover the images by using aSD card recovery software.

Using Remo Recover (Windows) - Media edition you can easily recover the formatted images.

The file recovery idea posted before works if you just deleted data, but if you actually formatted the disk, your data is lost on that drive, and is unrecoverable. Hopefully the data is still on your hard drive on the PC for you to locate and put back on the memory stick.

Maybe you can try this data recovery software, of cause it can recover photos. firstly, you can download it free version, but it only can recover data at most 1 GB to sure if it can help you.  It can do format recovery,  recover deleted files emptied from Recycle Bin or lost data due to partition loss or damage. However, if you have overwritten you data, it may not help you. 

here, i just to say the safest way to protect your photos is to back them up. there are so manyfree backup software on the market. but the data recovery software are not free commonly.

You can use the " Card Recovery  " which is a product of  WinRecovery Software.This software will help you to recover all your lost images and videos.It has a free trial to download.

To buy the full software it costs $39.95.


You should look for some software that does file recovery and try your luck there. Go google around and download from trustworthy areas only!


         you need not to worry about your lost photos.

         There is one software is available which helps you to recover the lost

        photos from your SD card. you can easily recover formatted data by using this software.

        Now you can download this software and run to recover lost photos.

When all else fails

After returning from a two week European vacation of a lifetime, I had four high-capacity SD cards filled with photos and memories – or so I thought. When I tried to download the contents of the cards into my computer, one of the cards balked and refused to give up any files. The computer said simply, “card corrupted, data inaccessible.” Whoah! 600-700 pictures lost forever? I’ve taken thousands and thousands of pictures with my trusty Nikon D90 and never run into anything like this. I immediately panicked and called the camera store where I do all my business. They didn’t sound very optimistic but told me to bring the card in and they’d see what they could do. They messed around with it using some ‘special’ software but after a couple days they told me all was lost, there were no files to be found. As a last resort, they gave the card to a local computer expert in hopes he could work some magic, but he too failed and pronounced the card irredeemable. Totally distraught, I Googled the internet looking for a solution and ended up in a forum like this one. I came across a couple of postings praising the wizardry of a company in Germany called RecoverFab who specializes in recovering data from SD cards and other media when all hope is lost. I had nothing to lose so I filled out an order form and shipped the card off to Germany. One week later they notified me they had received my card. One day later they informed me they had recovered 662 photos from the ‘corrupted’ card and let me view 100 photos from the card to confirm they’d found what I was looking for. Happy Days! Shortly there after, I paid them with PayPal and they sent me a link where I could download all 662 photos – full sized in full resolution. It couldn’t have been easier or quicker and the people at RecoverFab were responsive and accommodating and handled my order expeditiously. Now I can proceed to make a photobook of the trip WITHOUT a five-day gap in my travelogue. They do amazing work at a fair price and respond promptly. I will be forever in their debt. If this story sounds familiar, don’t give up hope. RecoverFab can be found on the internet at: http://recoverfab.com

Did you try some data recovery tool. EaseUS helped me solve the problem. Good luck. http://local-easeus.com/resource/data-recovery-story/easeus-data-recovery-recover-my-sd-card-data.htm