Have to enter WiFi password twice

When I log in to the Media Drive WiFi, many times I have to enter my password twice.  (Should I even have to enter it at all, after I’ve done it once?)  I don’t get any kind of message saying that I entered it incorrectly, the password dialog box just pops up again after my first attempt.  This is happening too frequently to be explained by incorrect password entry, especially now that I’ve been watching carefully.

This continues to happen on my iPad after software and firmware updates, though it has never happened on my iPhone.  I’m curious to know if anyone else has ever seen this behavior on the iPad.

I have the exact same problem . Does anyone have a solution?

I submitted a bug report via “Ask a Question” in SanDisk Support.  The reply was that I must not have the latest firmware or software, so I just sent a reply that I did (ver2.91 firmware, and 2.87 iPad app).

I’ll keep you posted on what I hear.

I’d be interested to know if we should ever have to re-enter the WiFi password on a device that’s already been connected (i.e. after the WMD has been powered off and on again.)

After about 8 exchanged e-mails to support, the issue was finally escalated to the development team who promptly reported it was a known issue(!).

Wow, you’d think I could have been told that a LONG time ago.

Hi TJ61,

I have checked with the development team and this is not a known issue. It was reported by the retail support center however root cause has not been determined. 

Can you provide more information about when you are entering the password? If you are entering in the iPad settings to connect to the Media Drive SSID the app is not even involved. The IPad itself is connecting the the media drive server so this will not be an app issue. If you are already connected to the Media Drive and are prompted for a pass word can you provide a screen shot? Also is this issue 100% reproducible? And if so steps to reproduce will be helpful



This is what I based my “known issue” comment on (exerpt from the last e-mail from SanDisk support, highlights are mine)

I would like to inform you that we have discussed this case with our development team and found that this issue has already been reported by them but we do not have a fixed date or when it will be resolved.

This is not an issue with the SanDisk app, it’s an issue with connection to the WMD WiFi, as you surmised. It occurs after the WMD has been shut off then turned on again, otherwise you won’t get prompted for a password. Then, when I go to iPad settings, and select WMD WiFi to connect, I get a prompt to enter my password (having previously configured the WMD for WPA security). Upon correctly entering my password, the dialog box disappears, but immediately reappears requiring me to re-enter my password. At that point, the connection proceeds normally.

Previously, I had reported that I have not yet seen this on my iPhone. But now that I have a better idea of how to reproduce it, I DO see this behavior on my iPhone.

Steps to reproduce:
Starting condition – WMD powered off, pre-configured for WPA security with suitable password. iPhone connected to a WiFi network other than WMD.

  1. Power on WMD, and wait for both green lights
  2. Go into iPhone WiFi settings, and select WMD
  3. Enter WPA password
  4. If double password behavior not seen, continue
  5. Go into SanDisk app and wait to see “Connected” popup message
  6. Go into WiFi settings and choose other WiFi network
  7. Power off WMD, and repeat starting at #1

It doesn’t occur all the time, and doesn’t seem to occur on a cold startup, hence the need for one repeat of the above steps.

It should be noted that this behavior is no different than if you enter an incorrect password the first time, and enter it correctly the second time. An incorrect password just causes the password dialog to reappear, with no error message in between. So, you don’t tend to notice it (thinking you just made a mistake) until it happens multiple times, and you start watching closely.

This behavior dates back to firmware 2.90 and iOS 7.0x. I am currently on firmware 2.91 and iOS 7.1.