Has Anyone Figured How To Import Video With Mac?

First, hello to all here on the board.

After doing a lengthy search, I wasn’t able to find any info regarding getting video from mac to my 4GB Fuze. Please forgive my ignorance if I’ve overlooked the solution, but I really would like to transfer some workout vids for reference while at the gym.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I have not heard an answer for your question. However a member on here Guy Scharf wrote what I consider “The Bible” for Mp3 users on Macs. It may help you. But I dont see anything about Videos.


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^^^Yeah, I read that page before. Had some good stuff there, but nothing on the problem I have. I was just checking to see if anybody came up with a new fix. Guess I’ll check back periodically.

Thanks CB.

If your mac has a video editing software try using that to create a file that meats the fuze’s requirements, then try to drag and drop it. I dont know if that will work or not but its worth a shot.

Doesn’t Sandisk crew read this forum?  Can they they answer the question please?  How can a Mac user get video on their Fuze?  I have searched the web too.  Thanks.

They do read but what does that matter there are people on here who know as much as not more? I am not a primary mac user, but I do use one at school. When I need to put a video on from there, I use Adobe Premire to edit it down to a file meeting the fuze’s specs (Which you can find if you search the board for “Fuze Video Specs”) and then I drag and drop, It works for me but may not for everybody. If you try it and then it wont work try downloading any-video-converter for mac and trying that.

I don’t have Adobe Premiere.  Any other ideas from Apple users please?

I heard ffmpeg can do the job with the right command. Since there are no official releases at the moment, you’ll have to compile it from source code, unfortunately. And also, I’m not sure what that right command is, so you’ll have to experiment (I’m still trying to figure it out myself on my Linux box). If you’re interested, go to http://stephenjungels.com/jungels.net/articles/ffmpeg-howto.html .