I have a Mac, what do I do?

Ok, I’m sure this has been asked, but I can’t find any real answers anywhere.

I have an iMac, and instead of getting an ultra trendy iPod, I decided to get something more versitile like the Fuze, plus, the fuze was also cheaper.

Anyway, I had no idea that the Fuze (Sansa Fuze 8gb with a microchip bay thingy) was able to play videos.


here’s the problem, it seems that the only way to get videos to play on this thing is to have them converted by the Fuze video Converted… but the program is an executitable file, you know an .exe file, which Macs don’t use, or run.

So what do I do?

I know the most obvious way would be to just go to a friends computer and load all that **bleep** on, but why waste the effort?

Is there a certain type of file that I can drag/drop into the Fuze that will still play, or is the only way to dump videos in there is through the converter?

I need help,

and thank you in advance.

I believe there is currently no way to convert files without the Windows-only converter. You could try looking into Windows emulation/virtualisation, or wait to see if a Mac/Linux technique becomes available. I don’t think the video quality is very good anyway.