Happy new user has a Wall-o-Text for you to read

First off sorry about this unorganized rant lol

I want to say im impressed with the Fuze+ my last 2 players (i loved) were Creative Zen’s and i wanted something similar.

Unfortunatly i cant find a store in my town that sells ANY creative PMP’s anymore, so after lots of research i chose the Fuze+ 8gb

Flac support was a BIG plus for me.

I am wondering how i fast forward in a playing song ? Possible ?

A suggestion i have is make the firmware updater XP 64bit compatible.

Gonna do a manual firmware upgrade shortly after i make sure im charged up (and no i dont have a card inserted lol)

Oh and the slider thing is ok i guess but i would have prefered buttons like my old ZEN.

I also avoid touch screen devices …not interested

…plugged it in turned on winamp right clicked an mp3 album and selected ‘send to fuze’ and repeated for more Albums + Flacs

and fired it up and was impressed with audio quality and was happy the EQ worked for mp3s AND Flacs unlike some Archos Pmp’s.

Then to put the finishing touch on the matter i chucked the headphones…

and plugged in some brand new Sony EX35LP Noise cancelling Earbuds (9mm neodynium) $25 at wallmart

ahhhh …sounds excellant !

I feel sorry for people that use those cheap buds all the players come with.

I would recommend the Fuze+ over any “Fruit related” brand products :wink:

to fast forward just touch and hold the right side touch zone.

the latest version of the updater says it fixed a bug with 64bit OS so you may want to try again


thanks for replying and i tried do that but ill try again.

and hey your right i used the link you provided and it let me install now.

i must have used an older version posted in the firmware forum update page

here - http://forums.sandisk.com/t5/Fuze/Sansa-Fuze-Firmware-01-30-01/td-p/208692

i did manage to install firmware from 127 to 130 last night successfully and it fixed the artist/flac tag bug for me

which is why i updated mainly …i couldnt believe how easy it was to update the firmware manualy