Got my FM to Work but No Sound

I was able to get my MP3 E250 going again and was able to enable the FM tuner. Now the prolem i have is, I am not getting any sound from the FM Tuner. I the volume full blast and went through every station, I couldn’t hear music or even static. Anyway i Can fix that problem?

Two possibilities:

1.) If the PAUSE button is activated, this acts as as MUTE function on the FM radio. Check to make sure it is on PLAY > , not PAUSE ||. And don’t laugh or be insulted, there have been many people here who didn’t know about this.

2.) Your player does not have the FM hardware inside. If it doesn’t, even if you install the ‘F’ version of firmware (European w/FM), your screen would show the FM radio, but would not play. There are player versions originally sold in some parts of Europe where the FM radio function is banned. Don’t blame SanDisk; it’s a political or government thing.

got ya. Is there any way I can get the hardware for th FM tuner installed? Plus that I live in the US. But I bought the player refurbished from

To do that would require a completely new/different circuit board, so you’re basically talking an entirely different player (except for the outer casing). Definitely a check in the Minus column when buying a re-furb from places like TigerDirect. Like Forrest Gump’s box of ‘Chalklits’, you never know what you’re going to get.

But first, let’s make sure you have the right firmware installed. You (living in the States) should have Version 01.02.18A or 01.02.24A. The A at the end of the version number stands for (what else) America, and will have FM functionality built into the firmware.

If you have one of these firmware versions installed, and you’ve verified the FM is not on PAUSE or MUTE, then I think you can safely assume you have a re-furb that originated from one of the restricted European countries and no FM hardware is inside. If you’re still within TigerDirect’s return window, you may have some recourse with them to return it and get another, but you risk the possibility of getting the same type of unit.

True. But i do have an MP3 player (that the screen cracked on) that has FM capability. I’ll just use that for the radio function