Got a clip, now it's scrap

Got a clip 1gb today for free, plugged it in, deleted all the trash music that was on it, and said hey, how about a firmware upgrade? upgraded to the latest and greatest 02.01.35a and now I can’t put music on it, all the folders are gone, and it’s essentially scrap now, any help out there?

Oh, and when I plug it in I get an error from sansaupdater.exe that it can’t find an entry point…

There are 2 different USB connection modes, MTP and MSC. Updating the firmware resets the USB mode to the factory default Auto Detect which connects in MTP mode whenever possible. You can change this setting in Settings > System Settings > USB Mode. But rather than just deleting the stuff you don’t want, a better (and quicker) way of doing it would be to just format it. There’s a option for this too in the Settings > System Settings menu. This will clear and optimize the memory in one fell swoop.

If you’ve already updated the firmware, don’t worry about the Updater and any error message. This player has been discontinued for some time now and there won’t be any further updates, so you might as well un-install the Updater.

You sir are my new hero! switched the usb mode over, and it’s working like a dream! Thank you!