firmware upgrade??

hi all
i bought the sansa clip yesterday and as of now im happy with it/

firstly i hav the firmware v01.01.11P … as im checkin the forum… i think ver1.1.20 is available

i hav some questions//

1.should i install the firmware 20 directly or do i hav to install like 18 first and then go for the 20

  1. where can i find the list of issues addressed in each firmware upgrade? i run any chance of “bricking” my clip while doing the upgrade?

4. as i live in INDIA which firmware version should i opt for? (is there a generic ver. for rest of the world other than europe and usa and japan??

  1. would i be able to downgrade the firmware ver. installed if i wish to do so?

  2. my player is chargin ok from say 20-60 percent but once the battrey is charged to 60 percent it takes about 3 hours to charge upto 70 percent ?? is this normal??

thanks all /

1.  Directly is fine.

2.  It’s been posted here, at least as to the latest firmware version–try the firmware upgrade sticky at the top of the forum (I don’t recall where the info. is).  Also: 

3.  Generally no (altho anything is possible in life …).  Firmware upgrading is intended and the norm.

4.  See my response to your other post, listing the differences between region versions.

5.  Yes (but there’s no reason to do so).

6.  The player takes 3-4 hours to charge fully.  The latest firmware has an improved battery gauge.

Also note, the .11 version did not have the USB Mode selection option either.  Definitely upgrade the firmware.

Don’t rule out the Sansa Updater option either, as this is the simplest method of keeping your Sansa up to date.

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

thanks for replyin guys… help appreciated .

^^^ if ur taking about the USB mode select option … i do already have that option … and i can select the option of either media transfer protocol (MTP) or either the mass storage (MSC) … in my firmware ver 01.01.11P    the player is working in both the cases    PS: as described elsewhere on this forum i am not able to access my songs by “unhiding” any music folder/

when i use MSC a folder named “music” (not hidden) is visible but it has no songs inside. bottomline: MTP mode songs are available

only in MTP mode as per i m concerned/

secondly is there any way i can backup my current firmware from the device … or can any1 provide me with a link to 01.01.11P firmware

in case i hav compatibility issues after upgrading with the us version/


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