Getting music

This is going to be a dumb question. My son is looking for some kind of music player for his 8th birthday. I was thinking something like this would be good. However, I don’t understand how you actually get the music onto it. Technology isn’t my think :confused:

the process is very simple (by the way, no this is not a dumb question, i have a father that is computer illiteriate so…). the san disc clip sport will support the following formats

  1. mp3 (example of a file: “song.mp3”)

  2. AAC (this is exclusive to apple itunes)

  3. WMA(this is exclusive to microsoft windows media player)

  4. PCM (example of file: “song.pcm”)

  5. FLAC (no, i dont mean a flac gun)

so now that we got that overwith now im going to tell you the quickist way to move the music over to the mp3.

its the same process for both apple and windows.

step 1. find the music file in the file browser (if you downloaded it from the web than try looking in a file called “Downloads”)

step 2. click (single click on the audio file, but before you do this attatch the fat end of the usb cord that came with the mp3 to the computer and the skinny end to the mp3 player, it than should turn on and the screen should show an icon of an usb and the word “charging” at the top, also the mp3 itself should show up in the file explorer as “CLIPSPORT”)

step 3. DRAG AND DROP!!! ok… its not as bad as it sounds, i promise. so what you are going to do is click on the audio file but DONT release the buttion on the mouse, simpilly drag the file over to the thingy that is called “CLIPSPORT”, ok now you can drop the file to the mp3

step4. thats it, unhook the mp3 player from the computer and wait for a few seconds and enjoy.

Nice tutorial. @jenpt2006 If you want to get music from Tidal, then I would like to introduce a tool to help you. It is a Tidal Downloader which can download and convert Tidal music to MP3 or other formats with high quality. Then you can import the music to your portable devices for listening offline.