Dowloading music from itunes or spotify

I am not good with technology…can someone assist in showing me how to download and convert to the sandisk sport player?

I am on spotify and itunes…not sure which works best.  Its been a long time since i used an mp3 player.  

Appreciate the feedback.   I am also willing to pay someone a small amount if we can connect directly.  I am in Chicago.



I am on Apple Music. And to convert Apple Music to Sandisk player, I use the Audio Converter for Windows to help me. With it, I can download and convert Apple Music as local files in other plain audio formats. Then I can sync the music to any other devices or platforms with ease.

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For Spotify users, we cannot play Spotify songs on other MP3 players since they’re protected by the digital right management. Even if you have upgraded to the Premium account, you’re allowed to download Spotify tracks, but you can still listen to them within the Spotify itself.
To remove this restriction, I usually use TunesKit Spotify Music Converter to download and convert Spotify to MP3, which is a universal format supported by most players, including Sandisk Player. It’s easy to use and the output quality is quite good. Recommend you to have a try.