How to play Apple music with Sandisk MP3 player

I subscribe Apple music service since it was released last year. If you are used to get the digital content from the network, you will be clear that the Apple music songs are all copyright protected. They are all encrypted by Fairplay DRM protection. So do iTunes movies, Audiobooks from iTunes or Audible, or eBooks from Apple or Amazon.  As far as I know, all online paid content are encrypted and limited to play under the account that you paid with and specific devices. 

However, my uncle asked me to share my Apple music songs with him. But he only have a Sandisk MP3 player,  and want to put the Apple music to this player. It’s really troublesome. Finally I solved this issue with TunesKit .  I will share my operations here with you. 

Firstly, I found  ** TunesKit Apple Music Converter** via Google search.  It was advertised to crack DRM protection from Apple music songs and convert the M4P files to common MP3, M4A, AAC, WMA, WAV, FLAC format with nearly 100% original quality kept. To be honest, it attracted me. 

Secondly, I went to their website and download the lastest version. There are Mac and Windows version provided. I download this smart tool for my Windows 10.  The installer file is small, which is only several M. No plugins, no spyware at all.

Then, I draged and dropped the downloaded Apple music songs to this smart application, and choose output as MP3 format. 

apple music to mp3

The pasted screenshot above will better show you the operations. 

Finally,  I started to convert Apple music to MP3 by easily clicking “Convert” button.  Something to be mentioned that, the conversion speed is really fast. I converted dozens of songs within 5 minutes. 

I think this app will be worth to own if you are also an Apple music subscriber.