Getting from radio to playlist (Broken screen)

I have a Sansa Fuze 8gb, not sure of the firmware version. I broke my screen, and unfortunately landed myself on my radio instead of the playlist. 

Could someone please give me blow by blow button directions to get back to my playlist please? 

I tried rotating through the menu, but I can’t seem to get there.  I already managed to land on dead sound, but got back to the radio.  I’m tired of commercials.  Please help.

Thank you!

On mine, from FM Radio, after you press Home button, it is 4 clicks clockwise to get to Music. Then >> on wheel… if you want Play All, it’s right at the top so spin the wheel counter-clockwise. Hit centre button. Enjoy?? Did that help?

Couldn’t get this to work, but I saw someone randomly at work that also had a Fuze.  Turns out it was 3 clicks.

Maybe my firmware is newer… FM > Photos > Video > Slotradio > Music. I think SlotRadio is new since I updated. Glad you got your unit working again!

Same with mine. However, the Slotradio icon wasn’t added until x.02.26, if I remember correctly. Maybe your firmware is old enough to not have it?