Sansa Fuze - no LCD, How to Play MP3s?

My kid’s Fuze LCD went out. While I could fix it, I really don’t have the motivation to go and instead swapped him for mine. I listen in the car, and would love to just have the steps to play the music on random. Can anyone post the key sequence? I’ve tried searching, but am probably not entering in the right terms to pull up what I need.


The wheel controls whether you’re on Music, Videos, Settings, etc. so there’s not really a surefire key sequence. If you were lucky enough to leave it on Music, then just press turn it on, press the Home button (upper right), press the center button twice and press at the top of the wheel (12 o’clock).

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From a “reset” viewpoint, approximately how far would I have to turn the wheel to get to “music”? Quarter turn clockwise?

I don’t have a Slot Radio icon, so I have 6 possibilities after pressing the Menu button: Music, Settings, Voice, FM Radio, Photos, Videos, and back to Music.  If you had Slot Radio I think you have 7. Each one of those is about 1/12 of a turn, like hours on a clock, and you can keep rotating through them.

You can’t just put the wheel at, say, 3:00 and get Music. It depends on where you start.

So…good luck. Might be time to get another player.