Getting CPU to recognize SSD Plus, through Award BIOS?

All - 

Am upgrading from 80 GB HDD to 120 GB SanDisk SSD Plus.

CPU is - Peak 735 (LF) board, by NexCom.

BIOS is Award V6.00.

OS = Win XP.

I’ve used an external Cloning system (LogiCube SuperSonix NG) to completely cone (mirror - bit for bit xfer) the 80 GB HDD to the 120 GB SSD. All seemed to go very well, no errors or stoppages.

Can get SSD Plus physically hooked up to the CPU board and to the power supply, NP. The system/CPU seens to allow this, and when looking the brand/model up online, the manual says this is supported.

I do the full drive swap (C: drive) - to the new SSD Plus. All goes very well.

I power up, an go into the BIOS to at least check to see that this SSD is recognized (as new C: drive).

I go into the “Integrated Peripherals” section.

Then go into “On Chip Serial ATA” section.

I turn on either “Auto,” or “SATA only,” and then close/save the BIOS changes, and reboot the pc.

The computer seems to go through the normal boot process, and then starts to boot into the OS, Win XP.

Gets maybe 5-10 seconds into this, the screen blanks/goes black, and then the pc reboots itself again.

This seems to get a never ending loop.

Is there some secret to insuring that the new SSD - with the cloned image transferred over to it from the original HDD - is recognized by the BIOS, and that we can successfully boot into the OS?

Tried attaching/including the manual on the CPU here; notes Award BIOS, this web site error and won’t let me do this:


Any thoughts, experience, guidance, etc. very appreciated!

Thank you.