Get Songs From View Back Into WMP Library?

My Sansa View is used only for music and has worked great since the day I bought it. However, the other day I inadvertently deleted quite a few songs from my WMP 11 library but thank goodness they are still on my View. It contains the deleted songs I want to add back to my WMP library and I don’t know if I can sync the deleted songs back to my library or not. How can I get the deleted songs back into my WMP library from my View without risking losing them off my View? 

I also want to know if I can “back-up” my library on an SD card in case this should “inadvertently” happen again.

Just because you inadvertently deleted some songs from your WMP “library” doesn’t necessarily mean it deleted them from your computer. Check your My Music folder and see if they are still there.

Otherwise, it’s a simple matter to copy them back from your View to your computer. Connect the View to your computer, find the songs on the View, copy & paste to your My Music folder. Easy Peasy.

Thanks. I checked and found the names of the missing songs but when I click on one I get a pop-up telling me the location cannot be found. I tried several. I probably emptied my recycle bin and they’re gone. I will try to copy from View back to computer. Thanks for your help.

This is easily done using Windows Media Player.

Plug in your View.  Open WiMP and click on the Sync Tab.

On the lower left, click on the View, and navigate to Internal Memory or External > Music > and select your desired songs.  Note that you will now see “Copy From Device” under Sync.  One simple step!  WiMP allows transfer in wither direction, making recovery of your music rather simple.

In the future, note that you can either “delete from library” or "delete from library and my computer" using Windows Media Player.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: