Get at my Fotos/Videos


I want to get at my fotos and videos moved to my SanDisk Memory card using this app on my Samsung S5.

After moving the files using the OptiMem feature, I don’t have any access to my fotos/vidoes other than using the files list in the App.

But I cannot display the files in the normal way, using the Pictures or Galery App.

And I cannot access the files on the SD card, when connecting the phone to a PC or when puting the SD card directly into a PC.

Probably they are stored in some database not acceesible without the Sandisk Memory Zone App.

This is completely crap.

I installed the App, because somewhere I read that I will have seamless access to my data, but accessing my data using such a stupid app is nothing I would call seamless.

And I cannot switch Optimem simply off to resore all the data to the phone memory, because the phone memory is not big enough.

That’s why I installed the SD card and this App in the first place.

Now I want to burn my fotos/videos on a CD and I cannot, because this app doesn’t give me access to it!

How can I get back my data???

I’m having the same issue. Almost 2 months now, without a reply. Does SanDisk monitor these forums?

Same issue…nothing. Tried talking to support. very rude…unhelpful

i having the same issue and cant get anyone to help told me have to rely on the fourms.  Have any of you lost anything?

this app lost my voive memos which were important and only saved 2 my music is all gone but saved the ones i had deleted off my phone.  Does anyone know if i restore it from this BS app if it will just put everyting back it took it from??

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