Genuine Sandisk Ultra II 8 Gb Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo?

I recently purchased a Sandisk Ultra II Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo 8Gb from Amazon. However, there appears to be some problems with the packaging. I can’t help but notice that the card itself says Sandisk Ultra, whereas the packaging says Ultra II. As well, the card itself is assymetrically cut (top is a little slanted) and the packaging is misaligned (noticeable from the back).

Can any of you confirm whether this card is indeed genuine or not? I’ve posted photos of the front and back of the packaging for reference.


I guess there is just a mixed up on the packaging. “Ultra” is their new label and there is an increase of speed


Don´t panic, your card is genuine from Sandisk. Chinese fakes don´t have the blister you posted in your pics.

Perhaps they changed the logo from “Ultra II” to “ULTRA” in order to identify those new models of 100X and 200X.

Ultra II older models = 66X / 10MB/s (former SD Ultra and MS PRODUO Ultra cards)

ULTRA new models = 100X / 15Mb/s (for SDHC and SDXC) - 200X / 30MB/s (for Ultra CF and MS PRO-HG Duo cards)

Your pics shows a new MS PRO-HG DUO Ultra card with Ultra II logo in the package I can show you the same in a SDHC ULTRA format, note that package appears with former logo “ultra II” but in the card appears only “ultra”.

The important thing is to look to the logo appeared in the card, in your case the card must be printed with "Sandisk Ultra, Mark2 , PRO-HG DUo , 30MB/s)

Anyway in case of doubt you can test the card with benchmarking software as CrystalDismark or H2testw , remind you should use high speed reader and usb 2.0 or higher port to make the test properly in order to achieve rates near to 25-27Mb/s

Pic of Sandisk SDHC Ultra 4G card - Blister

Pic of Sandisk MS PRO-HG Ultra 16G card - Blister

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