Differnce between Ultra ii and Ultra

I have 2 Compact Flasd ii cards  (silver on top of card “Compact Flash”)

1 is 1 GB the other 2GB

I have recently ordered a new 8GB card

The invouce says 8GB Ultra II

bur the card just says Ultra Compact Flash 30MB/s 8GB

I am confused because the Sandisk web site does not seem to mention Ultra ii anymore

is this card effectively Ultra ii but just repackaged? and now faster?

Any help would be appreciated

Many Thanks

Robin R Hunt

My other concern is that my ageing Sony DSC F828 will not be able to write at this speed anyway I assume it will just be slower if anything but still compatible?

Might want to post in the correct board. This one is for flash drives; you want the memory card board. :wink:

oops I am new to this forum

have re posted

Thank you