Can"t get Clip sport 8 gb to play by genre like my old sansa clip. Any answers??

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Sadly, due to design limitations of the Clip Sport, sorting tracks by Genre is not supported.

It’s just a software switch, you’d think it’d be easy to get Genre sorting.

That’s one thing I miss from my old Fuze though I have to admit I do enjoy the longer battery life of the Sport.


Sad indeed.

Page 12 of the owner’s manual says you can select music by genre but you can’t.

This player doesn’t even have the same functionality as the old Clip Zip.

Thank goodness for Amazon’s generous return policy.

I have been creating Genre playlists as a workaround for the lack of Genre sorting by the Clip Sport & Clip Jam.

    It is reasonably convenient to compile Genre playlists after copying music files to the player (and the micro SD card).

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