Very Disappointed


After posting on here and asking questions about the Sansa Jam and having no response I took the plunge and bought a Jam and to be honest it is a real letdown. Yes it plays MP3 files but it is so very limited regards functionality compared to the Clip+.

Where is the play genre function gone? Now my friend who is used to using my Clip+ is stuck only playing a single artist, album or song, gone is the much better genre function, I have spent many, many hours tagging my music files, playing by genre was really, really useful, if you selected Metal then shuffle you had many artists and albums, if you wanted easy listening because you were in a mellow mood select that genre.

Why on earth Sansa decided to discontinue the Clip+ is a mystery to me, the Jam is a real backwards step and I am now looking elsewhere for another music player for myself, would not have been so bad had the Jam followed the functions of the Clip but as it is even Rockbox don’t seem to want to touch it.

My advice is if you have never seen a Clip+ buy the Jam, if you have then forget it, the Jam is next to useless.


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For someone who may be willing and determined to find a way to enjoy the current features of the Clip Jam (and Clip Sport):

   Under the Music Folder, create several “Genre” folders and drag the corresponding album folders into these Genres.

   Then use “Mp3tag” software to create a playlist for each Genre folder.

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DRELS2005, you’re defending this product like mad, but the fact is, Sansa removed a number of highly useful and logical menus/options from the Jam that made the Clip+ such a great player. The best format is one in which the user gets to choose how to use it, and this newest iteration has striped that away. I TOTALLY understand why people are pissed. I’m one of them.

I agree that a “Play All” option for albums would be a useful feature. This could be implemented within one sub folder or all sub folders. I have an old Cowon mp3 player with this feature.  My various Apple iPods do not have a Play All feature for albums.

 I enjoy using the “Shuffle All” command for albums (or artists or songs) on my Clip Sport.  Shuffle All results sometimes give me the feel of a personal juke box with unexpected but pleasing sequences.  Since I enjoy curating my music choices on my Clip Sport, it is not a huge burden to finish a drag and drop session with a few handy new playlists (using mp3tag software). 

And I really think the Clip Sport (and Jam) have a modest selling price for a very handy and mostly pleasing player.