G3 120gb SSD drive

Where can i find a new firmware for this harddrive ? Im VERY disapointet with the speeds, im getting. Its no where near the promised speeds in the adds.

there currently is no firmware update available. can you tell us more about your environment? maybe we can point out some tweeks that can improve your performance. 

I did download a program called ssdtweaks, that alot of people recommend, and followed different tweak guides, but the speeds for this drive is just bad.

I had a intel 80gb g2 ssd before, and the speeds i got with that, where much much higher. Much faster boot times, and games loaded faster etc, only reason i switched was because i needed the space, and the drive was cheap, but according to the adds for the sandisk drive, it should be faster then a intel g2 drive.

I found out later though, when i read some reviews, that those that did the reviews, got very poor speeds aswell out of the drive, and not the speeds advertised from Sandisk.

Im runing a

i7 860

4gb mushkin

ati 5850

gigabyte mini itx ( cant remember what its called )

windows 7 64bit

IO meter is a good program to benchmark with can you post some bench mark results?

Have you compared  the  Windows Experience Base score of the two SSD?


My drives scores 6.4, cant remember what my intel drive got. But thats not the point. I can feel without a doubth, that the sandisk is much much slower then my old intel drive, bootwise, when i load games, everything.

Hm just downloaded IO meter, and cant seem to get it to work.

Have you tried putting back the intel drive to see how fast it will perform? You might just be expecting too much with SanDisk SSD. Gamers usually use benchmarking softwares to find out the real performance of their rig. I do play a lot of games as well and I hate it when it loads too slow.

Combining i7, ATI  5850 and an SSD drive is a monstrous rig already. I dont think you will see any difference with speed with intel SSD and the SanDisk SSD unless you do a benchmark test,

Just did a test, the sandisk gets 200 read and only 60 write speed. Dont got the intel anymore im afraid, but i can clearly feel a difference, not really hard, and windows takes +20-30 secs longer to load with the new sandisk drive, and games load slower aswell.

According to the specs, when you compare the intel and sandisk drive, the the sandisk should be faster.

So has there come any updates for this **bleep** drive that doesnt deliver the speeds it promises ?!

It has been out for a long time now, and i still cant find any updates for it what so ever.

Does this company have a place here in Denmark, where you can complain ? Because this drive does even come close to the speeds it says in the adds

Cant anyone help or ?

Do you have your Windows Policies for the USB drive configured for Optimize for Quick Removal or Optimize for Performance?  The former is usually the default setting.

This might be a stupid question, but what has the USB to do with the drive ? When it runs on a sata cable ?

And if it does have some improvements, how do i check, to see if its set to performance or quick removal ?

Oh!!  So you have it plugged into the machine directly rather than thru a USB enclosure.  Sorry.

Since I don’t have a machine with SATA support I have no idea what to tell you.  Sorry.