FYI - Firmware v3.04 is available

Firmware version 3.04 Release Notes

**Version: 3.04- what's new?**
  1. Improved Album view for music files (fixed a bug that caused albums with multiple artists to appear as separate albums)

  2. Retain the original photo taken dates for photos when transferred to the media drive

  3. Additional file format support - aiff, dv, mxf, nsv, nut, ogm, rm, rmvb, rv, ts, ty, vid

I wish I never upgraded my firmware. I did a download test of a 119mb video with the older app version and firmware. The video was saved to my ipod. Did this because the app said wifi conectivity has been improved. Took 43.77 seconds, the newest app took 42.35 seconds. A silight improvment. Now the drive tells me there is a new firmware. Ok why not. Installed the firmware and downloaded the same file.

Now it takes 3 minutes 9 seconds.

Do not upgrade your firmware if you like to save files to your ipod or iphone. I like to download the files to save battery life of the drive.

I am not seeing any issue with wifi transfers. What iOS device do you have? Please let us know the make and model. 

Also do you see the same speed with all files? can you drop box a link to the file you are using so we can test?

I have not noticed increased download times after updating firmware.