Fuze won't turn on.

Hi there. My Fuze seems to do just fine while connected to the PC. It loads as a device, I can load files onto the internal and MicroSD card. It says connected, shows the circling arrows, and shows that charging animation. Now that is has charged for so long, when I plug it in it only shows the charging animation for a few minutes, then switches to the full battery icon.

However, as soon as I disconnect the USB chord, the device immmediately powers off and will not respond to any buttons. I tried holding the power slider in the on position for up to a mintue with no results.

Any ideas? 

Try turning it on without the card, and try to do this;


Firmware update;



 It could also, unfortunately, be a dead battery. If it’s less than a year old you can return it under warranty, because it certainly shouldn’t fail so quickly.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using mine daily for more than a year without a battery problem. But this is the downside of hard-wired, non-user-replaceable batteries.