Fuze won't read SD card anymore

Hey guys,

As stated above, my Sansa Fuze won’t read the 4 gb SD card anymore. It freezes up at refreshing your media when the card is used. 

It works fine when I remove the SD card. I’ve cleared my SD card and tried again, but no luck.

Anyone of you have an idea what the problem is here?

Thanks in advance  :smileyvery-happy:

When this happened to me, formatting the unit (not the card) fixed it. Just make sure you have your music backed up.

If it still hangs after that, start removing albums from the card, most recent first, in case there’s a problem with tags in one of your newer files. But I tried that first, and it didn’t matter until I formatted the unit. 

Message Edited by Black-Rectangle on 06-29-2010 08:32 AM

I had already formatted the SD card, but didn’t try to format the unit itself.

Worked for me, thanks a lot.