fuze vs fuze+ vs clip or clip+

I looooved my fuze, and lost it. 

Since then have bought 2 fuze+ units and found the interface unbelievably sluggish – I had to hammer, and they jumped about so much they were useless.  Couldn’t find anything, or, if I did, it skipped away before I could play it.  So I bought 2 used fuze’s, only to find they are tired . . .  One has started to cut in and out randomly, the other has a wiggy control wheel that rivals the fuze+ for unusability.

I looked into battery changing . . . practically guaranteed to lead to permanent disability for any unit I try it on.

So anyone who wants any of these units, I sure don’t.

What I do want is an MP3 player with a solid interface and a screen I can read without my glasses.  This seems to be impossible.  I don’t want an i-anything, and I don’t want a phone/tablet/butler, just an MP3 player I can rely on and read. 

Given my sad experience with many Sansa units I’m afraid to invest in another.  Advice welcome.

Hey, you said “So anyone who wants any of these units, I sure don’t.” I dont know if you were joking or not, but if you still have one I would really like it. (Fuze + ?)

That was two years ago. Good luck with that. 

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